Here at the Hazelwood House we like to start our week right. 'Fresh Monday's' are all about teaching preparation for the week. We start with a trip to the grocery store (or local market) where we pick up fruit, veggies, snacks and other groceries. Arriving home, we clean and organize the week's snacks followed by lunch. Then, cooking class begins! Cooking class allows individuals to learn new culinary skills while working as a team and the chance to bring dinner home for the family! 


Thursdays are all about DIY projects and volunteering in our community! We start the day selecting a DIY project thats fun and gets the creative juices flowing!  Then we head out to get all the required supplies. Once home, we start:

- building

- crafting

- painting.


After cleaning up, its time for lunch! In the afternoon, we set out into the local community to help volunteer. Volunteering may include: Bagging groceries, assisting chip truck operations and socializing with seniors.


'Out and About Tuesday' is all about exploring and having fun! Some activities may include:  

- Museums 
- Community Garden

- Farm's

- Workshops

No matter which activity we're doing, we always take a break for lunch!

Some individuals may take part in learning how to use public transportation to the above locations.


'Friday's Fun Day' celebrates the weeks hard work and accomplishments. We like to spend the day doing lots of fun activities such as:

- Flying squirrel trampoline park
- Scavenger hunt at the mall

- 5 pin bowling

- Exploring parks

- Relaxing at the beach 

- O train

We usually plan our Fridays as follows: Activity, lunch, activity.


We then head home where we decompress, relax and chat about the week before finishing the day. 


'All About Me Wednesdays' are centred around improving personal skills. We like to start the day with a dip in the pool at a facility that caters to individuals with special needs. After a morning of splashing and having fun, we learn the importance of personal hygiene and head home for lunch. The afternoon activities will vary depending on different skill sets. This is the time we like to focus on individual growth. Such activities may include: Painting, puzzles, exercise and music therapy.



This is a mock schedule, subject to change. We will stay within these guidlines. 



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